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there is no 'i' in 'team,' but there is in 'gai'!

← Gender: Male
← Age: 17 years
← November 27
← Blood: A
← Maito Gai
← Hyuuga Neji
← Tenten
← Gai-Sensei
← Sakura-san
← Neji & Tenten
← Squirrels
← Turtles
← Green
← Curry


  • -NEJI - Lee's rival and Team Gai's genius, Neji was once Lee's greatest opponent (and still is), but has recently become one of Lee's best friends. But as with all friends, things get rocky now and again, and the two have been inexplicably at odds as of late. All Lee's attempts to make it right end up with his foot in his mouth, and he has sworn off mentioning Naruto altogether.

  • -TENTEN - Team Gai's weapon's mistress is the sanest member of the team, though she alternates between playing mediator for her teammates, and encouraging her boys' bad behavior with her own, sometimes wry and twisted, sense of humor. Lee admires her in much the same way he admires Neji, and finds her company comforting, though he finds himself noticing her more and more.

  • -SAKURA - Lee's crush. Though Sakura does not return his feelings, a fact Lee is quite aware of (thank you, my adorable teammates), he still seems to be enchanted by her, and Neji and Tenten's efforts to make him realize the fruitlessness of his efforts only makes him more doggedly determined that she is, in fact, The One. It's becoming less and less clear whether he believes that to be true, still, or not.

  • -SASUKE - Naruto's former teammate and Rival, and Lee's Rival for Sakura's affections, the now-blind Uchiha lives with Neji. As unsure about Sasuke as he is, and as much as Lee might still have some residual jealousy towards the other boy, Lee delusions that he can "save" Sasuke and return him to his team--essentially do for Naruto and Sakura what Naruto did for Team Gai by helping Neji.

  • -NARUTO - Lee ADMIRES Naruto greatly, please do not get him wrong, but something about knowing how Neji feels/felt for Naruto (because Naruto changed things for Neji) makes Lee incredibly, uncontrollably prone to saying the dumbest things at the dumbest times.

  • -KAKASHI - As Gai-sensei's amazing Eternal Rival, Kakashi symbolizes everything Lee expects of his own relationship with Neji. In Gai's absence, Kakashi has taken a particular interest in Team Gai, assisting them with training and offering advice, and Lee is pretty convinced Kakashi is quite possibly the coolest thing since Gai-sensei.
for senjuu_legacy roleplay ← Rock Lee is played by Penbee
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